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Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.

A decentralized, cross-chain protocol powering the future of crypto finance asset exchange, powered by Polkadot.

The year 2020 has come to an end and a number of events happened that were not included nor expected in 2021 blockchain trends. Especially the COVID-19 pandemic that not only intensified trends that were already underway but also generated new trends in blockchain and defi.

DEFI illustrates successful process of smart contracts for financial services. This alternative form of financing perfectly fits into the fintechisation of the economy. This year we already have seen a firm rose of DEFI services. The total value of fulltime decentralised financial services (based on cryptocurrencies) witnessed impressive growth and even surpassed USD 30…

Enabling token interoperability by allowing users to bridge $DMOD from ETH to BSC and other blockchains.

We’re excited to announce that Demodyfi is partnering with Polybridge Network. This partnership will bring users a better product experience of Demodyfi.

Getting support from Polybridge Network, Demodyfi is able to smoothly do cross chain operations, where our digital asset DMOD can be easily bridged from ETH Chain to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Their tool provides a one-click operation that is as simple as it can be. In the future, Demodyfi will support more assets and more cross-chain services of the public chain.


We are excited to announce the next technology disruptor set to launch their IDO on Ignition! Demodyfi is a fully integrated automatic moneymaker ecosystem that provides decentralized financial services to its user base. It is built on Moonbeam and Polkadot and is controlled collectively by its userbase.

Here are some important dates to note if you would like to support this project:

  • 📋 Whitelist Start: May 31, 2021
  • ⏰ Whitelist Close: June 3, 2021; 4AM UTC
  • 🚀 IDO on Ignition: June 10, 2021; 11AM UTC

🔒➡️🔓 Vesting Period: 33% on TGE, then 33% monthly.

Apply for the Demodyfi whitelist lottery…

Detailed steps to participate in the upcoming IDO on BSC pad.

Dual IDO #BSCPAD & #Ignition

We are grateful for the support we have received from the community for our outstanding DEX and upcoming IDO on BSC pad on May 28th. We wanted to detail the process to participate in this short post.

The whitelisting process for the public launch of our token on the BSC chain is now live.

Demodyfi IDO Details

Launch Date:

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Staking Eligibility Deadline:

Thursday, June 10th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price:

$0.25 BUSD

Allocation Round Open:

Thursday, June 10th, 8 AM UTC

Public Sale (FCFS) Round Open:

FCFS Round: Thursday, June 10th, 1 PM UTC

Pancakeswap Listing Date/Time:

What is the Demodyfi Ambassadors program?

Demodyfi Ambassador Program is the campaign for the fans who want to spread awareness about our project all over the globe and get special treatment for it!

The Demodyfi Ambassadors program is a way for crypto influencers & enthusiasts alike to join an extensive program that allows them to earn a passive income in $DMOD tokens for evangelizing the Demodyfi project. The best performing Ambassadors earn performance-based benefits in $DMOD tokens every month. If you are a passionate writer, influencer, videographer, developer, or graphic designer, you are more than welcome to join us.



Dear Demoyiers,

We were excited to announce that the whitelisting for the Demodyfi Private sale started in mid-January. Because we get a huge influx of participants, we would like to point out the following to the community if you want to be eligible for the event. Those who do not meet the requirements can therefore miss this opportunity.

The whitelist form can be found here

Winner wallets are picked by additional support like spreading the word.

So let’s get started! In order to get a spot on the Whitelisting event, please complete these tasks.

  1. Follow Demodyfi on Twitter
  2. Follow…

Blockchain technology is not without its limitations, specifically concerning the problem of interoperability and scalability, two problems that have stood in the way of blockchain technology’s evolution for many years now. Most new projects come into existence to solve some real-world problems using blockchain technology.

Polkadot on the other hand, came into existence to solve the problem of blockchain itself. Polkadot is (or rather intends to be) a blockchain that connects many different blockchains. It is designed to solve some of the major problems that are preventing blockchain technology from reaching large-scale, real-world applications.

Why Demodyfi on Polkadot

Ethereum is congested and cost efficiency…


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