Demodyfi coming to the Polkadot DeFi Alliance

2 min readAug 30, 2021

We are happy to announce that Demodyfi is now a member of the Polkadot DeFi Alliance!

Hi Demodyiers,
Today, Demodyfi is joining the Polkadot DeFi Alliance, a leading group of blockchain projects looking to build the latest decentralized finance infrastructure. Polkadot is a multi-chain interchange framework that enables customized side-chains to connect with public blockchains, and was launched by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood in May 2020. The Polkadot DeFi Alliance, which includes projects like Chainlink and Reef Finance, aims to provide a space for collaboration between promising Polkadot defi projects.

Demodyfi pushes interoperability
As you know, incentivizing user behaviour over a predefined period by leveraging the specific functionality of Polkadot Parachains while reaching users and assets on other chains, have always been an essential part of our vision. With Polkadot being a promising, scalable, multi-chain ecosystem, it is an integral part of the expansion of the Demodyfi protocol. And today, we are honored to be welcomed to the Polkadot DeFi Alliance.

Alliance Collaborations

The Polkadot DeFi alliance has many members with synergies that are relevant to Demodyfi. As defi is still in its early stages, collaboration between projects that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology is crucial to increasing the speed of development.

We believe that becoming a part of Polkadot DeFi Alliance is a giant step toward the complete execution of the Demodyfi vision, as this alliance is where industry-leading projects and cutting-edge teams come together to propel forward the larger Polkadot ecosystem and the overall cryptocurrency industry.

The Demodyfi team is now more able to actively engage with different projects in this community to push forward our mission of enabling cross-chain and interoperability's services.

About Polkadot DeFi Alliance

Polkadot DeFi Alliance is where industry-leading projects and cutting edge teams come together to propel forward the larger Polkadot ecosystem and the overall cryptocurrency industry.

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Defi challenges our “next” ambition and vision in the way we think about current financial products. DemodyFI stands for “thinking differently and diverging from the way we currently think and act throughout finance.

We want to share our passion and build value by enhancing and innovating monetary products in a decentralized way using blockchain. We also conclude that economies should be decentralized, yet rational, and that doing so would create a social impact to this space.

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Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.