Yield Farming & EARN $DMOD is Live!

With the launch of on the Moonbeam network, a yield season for the DMOD community will begin. As the native cross-chain DEX on the Moonbeam network, Demodyfi will provide liquidity incentives for GLMR (Moonbeam native token) and assets cross-chained from other blockchain networks to the Moonbeam network with the support of such as Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Polygon and others to come!

The first pairs or tokens to be incentivized on the Moonbeam network and the initial incentives are shown below (the total number of incentives per pair or token will be dynamically adjusted based on the actual locked value).

The farm is set to bring new liquidity into Moonbeam network and Demodyfi platform, prospering the entire ecosystem. The first pairs or tokens to be incentivized on the Moonbeam network and more farming pools will be added one by one, keep eyes on it.

User Guide

In general, using Demodyfi DEX on the Moonbeam network is not very different from using it on the Moonriver network, when you visit and use MetaMask to connect to the app, you only need to select Moonbeam in the network options provided by Demodyfi DEX to automatically help you add the Moonbeam network RPC.

If you are using Demodyfi DEX for the first time, read all about Demodyfi here:

In short, how to participate in e.g. GLMR LP Farming or Staking on Demodyfi:

1- Visit and connect wallet with MetaMask, select “Moonbeam Network”

2. you can buy $DMOD on two exchanges, OR . Make sure to confirm the token addresses, which you can find in the announcement channel or provided by the admins in the discussion channel. (we will share the contract addresses below, just to make sure).

2- Transfer GLMR to your account(If you already have a GLMR balance in your account you will not need to transfer it to another account, or you can choose to withdraw GLMR from CEX. BTW, make sure you don’t swap all your balance and leave some for gas fees).

3- Move USDC, ETH, USDT from Ethereum or Polygon to Moonbeam via (more bridge support will be added next week)

4- Go to the “Earn” page in and perform LP farming or GLMR staking (More farming pools will be added one by one, keep eyes on it)

Official Demodyfi Contracts:


Binance Smart Chain


Final thoughts

The dev team has been hard at work for this! They deserve a huge round of applause for release the DEX! 👏 But we’re not done yet! We still have work to do! We have more announcements coming up! Keep your notifications on!

We hope you’re all excited as much as we are for this monumental day for Demodyfi DEX and the Moonbeam community as a whole! We can’t express how excited we are to finally be able to launch the DEX! The team has been hard at work to get this out, and it’s show time!

Share the news with your networks, family, and friends! Word of mouth goes a long way! The more users we have using the DEX, the more volume that will be coming in!

Our success is the community’s success! The community’s support leads to our success!

We can’t do this without you!


Demodyfi Team









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