Staking and LP Incentivization

5 min readJul 30, 2021

$DMOD Network Liquidity Bootstrapping Program

“You can stake your tokens starting from Monday 2nd August 2021”


When most people ask “when to exchange?” they are really asking “when liquidity?”. As the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM DEX, Demodyfi is built for the crypto community and as a Blockchain project, we are constantly innovating at the very edge of DeFi. Our goal as a DEX is to transcend past the traditional AMM model.

A lot of work has already been done, but we can’t do it alone and we need your support, in order to facilitate a fair and inclusive distribution of $DMOD tokens to future protocol participants.

Our mission is to simultaneously give the community a way to support this innovating project and reward our most loyal backers from the very first day. This isn’t just about having the community joining but creating a long-term relationship with our stakeholders. It’s about giving everyone a chance to join us on our journey. Imagine not only having a chance to say “I was there from day 1” but also have the $DMOD tokens to back it up. That’s what you’ll get when you join the Demodyfi DMOD Staking Program.

Demodyfi is proud to announce its upcoming two-phased liquidity mining program. We will be releasing two sequential staking contracts with distinct specifications around $DMOD token distribution:

  1. Staking
  2. Liquidity Pool Incentivization

Below we will explain the parameters of each contract, the differences between the two, and the rationale behind their respective mechanism designs.


The first mechanism delivering initial $DMOD token distribution to the community will be the Yield Farming staking contract. This contract will distribute to community members who stake DMOD (Ethereum Chain), DMOD (Binance Smart Chain).

We thought it was only fair to tailor this first opportunity to earn $DMOD tokens for the types of users who will graduate from their humble farmer beginnings to become active protocol participants, and to complete that you must first hold the assets required for Yield! After all, we know Yield Farming is all the rage these days… but above all else, its true purpose is to build the foundations of an engaged community whose incentives are aligned with those of the protocol, even once the crops run dry (and well beyond).

Participants can harvest their yield at the conclusion of each epoch. Each epoch will last 1 month, and a fixed number of $DMOD tokens will be distributed during each epoch. The participants’ harvest will be based on the amount of coins they have staked relative to the total amount staked in the pool. The calculation will be time-weighted to promote true and fair pro-rata harvesting. Any participant can add to the pool during the duration of an epoch and receive rewards proportional to the time they are staked, but the funds must stay staked through the end of the epoch to be able to harvest the rewards. That’s month 1 — the first epoch — plain and simple.


Liquidity Pool Incentivization

Liquidity Pool Incentivization. The concept behind the Liquidity Pool Incentivization initiative is to reward long-term liquidity providers with progressively more power over the protocol as they continue to signal their belief in the Demodyfi vision. Participants who believe in the vision represent the community, we hope, will gain significant control over the protocol’s long-term evolution, and are therefore the users who should be rewarded with the most plentiful harvest.

As a means to reward liquidity pool providers, a massive incentive to bootstrap protocol liquidity. The Liquidity Pool Incentivization initiative will also run for 5 years and each epoch will last 1 month. At the end of the epoch the user can harvest their $DMOD.

We will be rewarding for providing liquidity for DMOD on Uniswap and Pancakeswap. on Pools UNIv2 — (DMOD/ETH) / PCS — (DMOD/BNB)

Liquidity Pool token;


Join the Demodyfi Staking Program

This Staking and liquidity mining initiative will have 80,000 DMOD tokens to start for the first month and will be reduced by 500 every month/epoch.

So each pool (DMOD Token and DMOD LP Token) on the two blockchains — Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will receive a reward allocation of 20000 DMOD tokens per pool in the first month, 19875 DMOD tokens in the second month and so on. This makes the total DMOD distributed throughout the entire period of this program to be 3.915.000 DMOD

The benefit should be clear at this point:

  • Demodyfi rewards early contributions the most. But if you participate later, you’ll be in for a nice payday too.
  • The staking program will launch for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. For now, the $DMOD tokens can be easily transferred from Ethereum to BSC using our bridge from Polybridge;(
  • Easy access for staking through the Demodyfi claiming app for seed, private & public investors by just 1 click!!!

“You can stake your tokens starting from Monday 2nd August 2021”

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Set up your wallet.

2. Connect it to the Network, Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain

3. Double-check your Demodyfi balance.

4. Approve the amount of tokens you want to stake.

5. Confirm the Stake transaction

6. Enjoy the rewards.

7. Every epoch you will be able to come to the dapp and harvest the rewards or restake them to the pool in one click.

As always, reach out to us on Telegram from live chat questions and discussions.

About Demodyfi

Demodyfi is an automated market maker platform that is built on the ethos of blockchain. It delivers decentralized financial services in a fully decentralized network whose control is fully decentralized, with each user contributing to the platform’s decision-making activities. Furthermore, the setup ensures transparency of all network activities, thus creating a trusting environment for its users.

Demodyfi also provides an ecosystem where decentralized users can gain tokens from platform activities and generate wealth from the tokens through decentralized exchanges.

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Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.