Scaling the Multi-Chain World: Polygon AMAs

DeFi Demodyfi Pool Is Live: Participate in the crypto revolution with Demodyfi by your side!

AMA Recap

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Polygon AMA

AMA Recap
  • Token burn — DMOD is a deflationary token, % of the fees collected will be used to buy DMOD tokens from the market and burned.
  • Staking — A part of the fees collected from the Demodyfi protocol will be used to buy DMOD tokens from the market. These tokens will be distributed to the DMOD token staking holders.
  • Members holding DMOD tokens have full control over the ecosystem through systemic voting and governance rights.
  • Pool token holders are entitled to receive the swap fee paid by users who swap through their liquidity pools.
  • At launch, the entire amount of swap fees (0.3% per swap) will be distributed to liquidity providers.
  • Unified account experience: Simply connect your wallet or use your own custom address and start trading instantly. This means no entity can ever withhold your funds or freeze your account.

🚀 Together with:

  • Polygon, the leading layer two ecosystems in DeFi pushing forward scaling Ethereum and DeFi! Join their Official Telegram channel to keep track of newly launched projects on Polygon.
  • Demodyfi — Next-generation AMM DEX that extends defi functionality, becoming a permissionless one-stop cross-chain asset market.
    The protocol utilizes Moonbeam’s parachain smart contract interoperability, while the Substrate framework serves as a fundamental layer. Combining this makes it potential to build on Polkadot, furthermore make it compatible with the EVM, and to deploy EVM-based bytecode compiled from Solidity using tools available from the Ethereum stack.

Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.