Demodyfi BETA Bridge COMING 🔥🚀💫

3 min readSep 7, 2021

Carry out the gleam campaign to win NFT Rewards!!!

Please note, BETA is not the final version and the platform is still under construction.

Demoyiers, are you ready?!! Such a long-awaited Demodyfi platform BETA release is coming!

As you may know, the entire Demodyfi team has been working so hard to deliver the platform on time. And we did it! After the end of Gleam campaign, the BETA will be released to the selected participants 😃😱🤩

As a beta user, you will have free access for a certain number of days (this depends on provided feedback from the community.

The release of Demodyfi platform BETA version is a great opportunity to check the core platform functionality and gather feedback in order to enhance the user experience within our crypto layer. That is why we decided to make the release of this BETA closed. Thus, our team will work together with you, the community, to perform testing before the main platform launch (don't forget to join the Demodyfi discord channel for tech support).

“We want to build a high-quality product that we all can benefit from a long-lasting perspective, that is why quality is our top priority for Demodyfi. Due to those facts, we decided to launch the platform core functionality in two stages — beta launch (with the following adaptation and eventual adjustments) and main platform launch.

The Demodyfi platform Beta is a first stage that will help us get instant feedback from our active users and make a better UX for you. In addition, Demodyfi platform beta will be addressed to the potential marketing and strategic partners regarding their engagement during the main launch.

Tho, I see beta testing as a significant advantage and opportunity for us to check the platform functionality at minimal loads and omit ‘testing in prod’ as some practice” — Roel Mangal, Demodyfi CEO.

Platform Functionality

So, Demodyfi platform Beta🔧 will reflect the core functionality of the platform Alpha version that will be live at the end of July. The following functionality will be available for testing:

✅ Bridging PPC tokens (and or Any ERC20) from Moonbeam Moonbase Alpha to Polygon Mumbai Testnet and vice versa

✅ Bridging ERC721 tokens from Moonbeam Moonbase Alpha to Polygon Mumbai Testnet and vice versa, (Will parallel be updated).

*Puppy Coin (PPC) tokens are an example token created by the team to demonstrate the bridge capabilities and provide users with a hassle free experience for testing. PPC will be replaced by real life tokens like DOT, LINK, DAI etc. when we go live!

Please fill in the form and complete the gleam campaign with all requested information. You will receive an email if you have been selected for the beta

Carry out the gleam campaign to win NFT Rewards!!!

▶️ ◀️

The WHITELIST registration for the Closed Demodyfi Beta Testing is available via the link ▶️ ◀️

🎁75 lucky participants will get exclusive access to Demodyfi Platform Beta;

🎁 Get lucky and receive NFT from Demodyfi Liquid Collection;

🎁ONE lucky winner will receive a unique NFT DMOD that will give a one-time $1000 DMOD bonus while staking within the platform.

The winners will be announced in Q4 2021, make sure to join us here and collect your reward!

Next Steps

We have much more to announce to our community as we move forward towards the final protocol release like NFT bridging, XCMP protocol bridges Demodyfi SDK — demodyfi.js and lastly NFT Pools

We’ll continue to keep the community updated through our socials, so be sure to follow us on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram!

We are hiring!

Demodyfi is looking to expand our team and is actively hiring. If you are passionate about DeFi and excited to build the next generation of infrastructure for DeFi, we’d love the chance to learn more about you! Whether you’re a Solidity developer, Web3 magician, business development & marketing, or DeFi strategy specialist, please reach out to

Also take a look at our ambassador Program here




Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.