Building Demodyfi on Polkadot

Blockchain technology is not without its limitations, specifically concerning the problem of interoperability and scalability, two problems that have stood in the way of blockchain technology’s evolution for many years now. Most new projects come into existence to solve some real-world problems using blockchain technology.

Polkadot on the other hand, came into existence to solve the problem of blockchain itself. Polkadot is (or rather intends to be) a blockchain that connects many different blockchains. It is designed to solve some of the major problems that are preventing blockchain technology from reaching large-scale, real-world applications.

Why Demodyfi on Polkadot

Ethereum is congested and cost efficiency & scalability challenges are driving projects to build on other chains. Leading to emerge towards other ecosystems in which these problems will solve. Polkadot has been tackling this massive problem and has introduced a crucial solution that will revolutionize and advance the industry entirely.

There are several possibilities for Demodyfi to contribute to the issues:

· Demodyfi is using Polkadot’s advanced substrate technology to create its own blockchain,

· Focused on market segmentation with all DeFi needs in one place

· Collaborated decentralized liquidity pools, enabling cross-chain lending

· Advanced price discovery and liquidity

Users will be able to trade multiple crypto assets from Demodyfi’s native decentralized exchange and use its convenient interface to manage their assets across multiple chains, non-custodial, using the Metamask and Polkadot.js extension wallets.

Overall, the Polkadot network rollout has been a resounding success, and many blockchain experts are now looking to the protocol for its role in scaling the usefulness of the overall blockchain industry. For now, Demodyfi stays ahead of the game and competition by building on Polkadot ecosystem.

A Final Word

Defi challenges our “next” ambition and vision in the way we think about current financial products. DemodyFI stands for “thinking differently and diverging from the way we currently think and act throughout finance.

We want to share our passion and build value by enhancing and innovating monetary products in a decentralized way using blockchain. We also conclude that economies should be decentralized, yet rational and that doing so would create a social impact to this space.

Talk to us on Twitter and Telegram and take a look at our Pitchdeck 1.0 on the DemodyFI website. (White paper update will be released soon)

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Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.

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Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.

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