Apply to the Ambassador Titan Program

3 min readMar 17, 2021


What is the Demodyfi Ambassadors program?

Demodyfi Ambassador Program is a campaign for fans who want to spread awareness about our project all over the globe and get special treatment for it!

The Demodyfi Ambassadors program is a way for crypto influencers & enthusiasts alike to join an extensive program that allows them to earn a passive income in $DMOD tokens for evangelizing the Demodyfi project. The best performing Ambassadors earn performance-based benefits in $DMOD tokens every month. If you are a passionate writer, influencer, videographer, developer, or graphic designer, you are more than welcome to join us.

We are still accepting applications without deadline limitations!

Earn $DMOD tokens

All dedicated Demody Titans will be handsomely rewarded with $DMOD tokens for their exemplary services, in addition to exclusive merchandise like t-shirts, caps and goodies.

You’ll be compensated with $DMOD tokens depending on your role and the work you undertake towards the growth of Demodyfi. Rewards will be distributed monthly based on month-to-month contributions. Quality of work and engagement will carry more weight in terms of rewards and exceptional efforts will be rewarded more heavily.

Limited opportunities

Initially, we will only be recruiting 15 of the most promising candidates to be part of the ambassador program. As first movers into the program, these individuals will have better chances of climbing up the Titan ladder. The higher you stand, the better your rewards!

We’d like to reinstate that most people who make a name for themselves in ambassador programs go on to shoulder more responsibilities and carve a reputation within the crypto industry.

Be a Demody Titan Today

Our program is open to anyone and everyone. We are a completely decentralized project and our goals could not be achieved without a faithful community. Thus, we’re actively in need of people across different fields and specialized skills. This would involve community management, marketing, social media, network growth, content creation, business development, etc.

Please note: Covid-19 has completely changed the world and the way we interact with one another. The safety and health of our titans are paramount for us at Demodyfi.

Hence, for the time being, everything relating to the program will be 100% virtual. As the year progresses, and hopefully the spectrum of Covid-19 recedes, we hope to conduct in-person events, meetups, conferences, etc.

Fill the form and attach a link to your CV.

What Will Be Your Goal?

You will be our trusted person, who will be chatting on different social platforms, making videos, and/or promote our project on the web. These activities will be aimed to spread interest in the project among different communities, countries, and people.

If you have profound knowledge in crypto and you love Demodyfi so much that you’re eager to shout out its name in every corner of the Earth, apply to the program and come on board! So, don’t wait any longer. Be among the first to be our ambassador and become a Demody Titan today!

A Final Word

Defi is challenging our “next’ ambition and vision in the way we think about current finance products. Demodyfi stands for “thinking differently and diverge the way we currently think and act in finance. We want to share our ambition and create value by changing and innovate financial products and create social impact in a decentralized way using blockchain. We believe that economies should be decentralized, yet rational. As a company, we hope to do this together with the community.

Talk to us on Twitter and Telegram and take a look at our Docs on the Demodyfi website.




Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.