Demodyfi is a fully integrated AMM ecosystem of decentralized financial services built on Moonbeam & Polkadot while controlled by its users collectively.

The year 2020 has come to an end and a number of events happened that were not included nor expected in 2021 blockchain trends. Especially the COVID-19 pandemic that not only intensified trends that were already underway but also generated new trends in blockchain and defi.

DEFI illustrates successful process…

A strong and active community is getting more and more important for the success of projects. Through newsletters and our other mediums, we want to improve transparency about the development and be more connected with our community, and in this monthly update, we will be sharing all the important project…

Carry out the gleam campaign to win NFT Rewards!!!

Please note, BETA is not the final version and the platform is still under construction.

Demoyiers, are you ready?!! Such a long-awaited Demodyfi platform BETA release is coming!

As you may know, the entire Demodyfi team has been working so hard to deliver the platform on time. And we did it! …

Checking in with the August #2nd staking update for you all, and we must say another fantastic end to this month !!!

🛠 This update message can simply be divided into a number of topics:

- Total value each chain

- Total $DMOD tokens locked

- Total $DMOD LP tokens…

Roel (CEO): “We are working hard to achieve the coming milestones. All the way long, Demodyfi precisely followed the roadmap, releasing in time. Keeping promises is a part of our corporate identity, and we’re proud of it.

Therefore, we want to thank you all for the support, and thank you…

$DMOD Network Liquidity Bootstrapping Program

“You can stake your tokens starting from Monday 2nd August 2021”


When most people ask “when to exchange?” they are really asking “when liquidity?”. As the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM DEX, Demodyfi is built for the crypto community and as a Blockchain project, we are constantly innovating at the very edge of DeFi. …

Firstly, the team, Demodyfi, would like to thank everyone in the community for showing great support during our IDO launch on the 10th. Despite the conditions of the crypto market, $DMOD reached a point on which we are proud and shows the belief in Demodyfi’s product & vision. …


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